My 5 Top Lessons from the Private 2-Day Kingston Lane Mastermind on the beach

So here is the scoop… because I have gotten so many questions, comments, text messages and emails about this topic, I decided I would just break it all down at a high level for those that couldn’t attend the private mastermind that Steve Olson and I ran at a cool beach house San Diego this week.

What is all this private mastermind hullabaloo about?

  • We did an elite mastermind of agents and real estate entrepreneur at a beautiful beach house in San Diego this week.
  • We had folks fly in all the way from New York City to Hawaii and everywhere in between…  it was amazing.
  • If you are the no-fluff, proven frameworks, winning hacks, profitable systems, and instant execution to future-proof your business kinda person… you would’ve been like a kid in a candy store. (Yeah, sorry we didn’t talk about grit, being unstoppable, or leveling up… we talked about how to stack profits in your business right now… while the waves crashed behind us. It was truly magical)
  • We outlined and stacked up 47 Profit Activators to layer profits into your business and give you an unfair advantage in today’s market
  • This mastermind sold out in 12 minutes with one email. There was no mention of it on facebook or even any of my private lists. If you are in the real estate business, the only way to make sure you get access to the next invitation by making sure you are (at least a Free) Kingston Lane member.

Here is what one of the attendees shared:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Sharran, Steve and Evan,

This is the single most intense, mind blowing, eye opening event I have ever attended. The delivery of the information was perfect in content, just enough quantity per topic and easy for us to understand and implement. The size of the group was ideal for someone like me who gets much more in a smaller group settings. Most importantly I had a much needed shift in my mindset in how I need to conduct my business.

Feeling Grateful and blessed that I got to attend and meet all you amazing realtors. I hope to make each of you my first point of contact for any referrals in your market as I know you are all the best of the best.

Thank you.

We actually did a Facebook Live inside the Kingston Lane Private Facebook Group after Day 1 where the mastermind attendees shared their one big takeaway. You should go and listen to that Facebook Live that I did… it is way cool.

But as I sat back and reflected on the various themes that were shared and discussed, I broke those down into my top 5 learnings in this video below. This will apply to anyone regardless of industry or functional occupation and its short, sweet, and conceptually encompasses the various things we touched on and topics that I personally enjoyed discussing over 2 days.

My 5 Top Lessons from the Private 2-Day Kingston Lane Mastermind in San Diego

Most importantly, thank you for supporting us. Thank you for reading, engaging, leaning in, and being great clients of Kingston Lane. I wish everyone could have attended this mastermind as I know it would’ve transformed lives, businesses, and even relationships. 

We hope to do more of them…  and in the meantime we look forward to continuing sharing, collaborating and supporting you as you build and grow your business! Grab some free stuff below.

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