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  • Private Vault: Private library of money-making execution plans that are constantly updated
  • Checklists on Steroids: Step-by-Step action plans of top agents
  • Access to our private membership website with unlimited access to all existing and upcoming modules
  • Each Profit Activator has been designed to drive at least $2,500 worth of value when installed into the flow of your business

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Thousands of realtors from around the world are growing their business with Kingston Lane.

The Big 4 Upgrades

Profit Activators are designed to deliver The BIG 4 Upgrades that can instantly help you create growth and momentum in your business (and in life).

Income Upgrade

The primary goal of every module is to create profits. Each Profit Activator has been designed to deliver at least $2,500 worth of intrinsic value when it is applied and installed into the course of your business.

Influence Upgrade

How do you grow your influence? How do you build a bigger personal brand without breaking the bank? We go to bed every night thinking about these questions but wake up without answers. Now imagine if you had a step-by-step action plan to build your influence.

Systems Upgrade

How many times have you returned from a 3-day conference with a great idea that you wanted to implement… but life got in the way? Imagine if “great ideas” like that were broken down into step-by-step action plans for you… giving you systems on demand.

Skill Set Upgrade

As professional advisors our clients hire us for our expertise. Our speaking, writing, selling, and closing skills dramatically determine our income potential. We have built profit activators focused on helping you upgrade specific skill sets almost instantly.

Are you ready to put these proven step-by-step action plans to work for you?


Sample Profit Activators that you instantly get access to!

The Secrets to Geographic Farming on a Budget

When we can reduce geographic farming to a science, where the strategies and tactics are built to create momentum, then the results for “smart farming” start to speak for themselves in the form of deals.

How to Perfectly Set Up Your Instagram for Growth

It is a lot more than just posting fancy photos. Instagram is a very nuanced platform where a swipe is not just a swipe… it can mean the difference between money and an unfollow. Set it up right from the start!

The Ultimate 10-Point Plan to Activate Home Value Leads

Listings are the name of the game. However, a listing starts with a seller lead that needs to be nurtured for some time. How you engage with, nurture and communicate with a seller lead is very important.

How to profitably activate investors for AirBNB / VRBO

Most agents chase buyers and sellers but most forget that their existing clients can also be investors buying the same real estate. But the question is: How do we get our clients to think about investing?

The 7 One-Minute Videos to Build a Celebrity Brand

These simple yet powerful one-minute videos go much farther than just building a brand. Not only will these brand building video frameworks save agents tens of thousands of dollars of traditional media but it will also gives agents instant feedback loop to activate clients who have “raised their hand” and automatically warm them up before the real estate transaction.

How to Perfectly Explain Marketing in a Listing Appointment

The most exciting part of a listing appointment could very well be marketing, however not all marketing is made equal nor do clients always understand everything we do. Use this proven framework to cut through the noise!

That and so much more!
Get access to our private membership website with unlimited access to ALL existing modules and also the upcoming modules.

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  • Private, curated vault of money-making execution plans that are constantly updated
  • Step-by-Step “checklists on steroids” of top agents
  • Access to our private membership website with unlimited access to all existing and upcoming modules
  • Get 10x - 100x ROI value with each Profit Activator designed to drive at least $2,500 of value


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