Buyer Webinars?

Do you have a lot of leads? How are you getting in front of them? One on one appointments?

What if there was a way to leverage setting yourself apart from the competition without having to meet with the ones who aren’t ready? You may want to consider a “Buyer Webinar.” You don’t want to call it that to the public. You’ll want to theme it.

Here are some topic ideas:

  • 7 Things to do before you see your first home
  • 4 Things to avoid during the inspection period
  • Are all lenders created equal?
  • 5 Items on the contract you must know before signing
  • You’re ready to buy a home, what money is due when?
  • The top 6 reasons homes fall out of escrow
  • The 11 terms you need to know before going under contract with a home
  • 3 activities you should NEVER do when buying a home

I would run one webinar a week with a topic above or something similar. We use the platform It works great for webinars. (You’ll want the webinar product, not just the meeting account)

At the end of the webinar, make sure and include a call to action to set a specific appointment to discuss the buying process and how you’ll get the access to homes they don’t see online.


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