5 Components of an effective Buyer Consultation


Are all your buyer consultations the same? Let us outline the 5 components of an effective buyer consultation that will enable you to get more commitments while cutting down on your preparation time.


  1. Buyer needs
  2. The Showing Process
  3. What Money is Due When
  4. The Contingency Period
  5. The Closing/Financing Process

Remember with clients looking to purchase, it has very little to do with you marketing. It has more to do with the process you’ll take them through.

Here are a couple questions I would ask yourself to create an amazing presentation.

  1. How can I get so clear on their needs that the showings become fun?
  2. How many homes will I show on a given outing?
  3. What is customary to put down for earnest money?
  4. Who schedules the showings?
  5. Can I create a cheat sheet with the monies due?
  6. What inspection issues are common in my area?
  7. What should they be concerned about?
  8. What do they do in the hurry up and wait period?
  9. What happens if the home doesn’t appraise?
  10. What happens if there are issues with financing?
  11. When do they get the keys?

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