How to script Buyer Matches with your clients

Join Steve as he explains how to script and pitch the Buyer Matches feature in Kingston Lane to win more clients.

Steve covers how to handle the objection when it comes up.
If the objection doesn’t come up. Bring it up.

Mr/Mrs Client, I am sure you’re wondering why we are different than the other agents you may be interviewing. If it is OK with you, I would like to share two major points of differentiation between myself/us and the average agent… (listen below to get the rest)

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    1. Post

      Heather – if you are a pro member, you will see the option in the sales pipeline. It is an unlimited feature in Kingston Lane Pro. Pro is only $99 per year and you can upgrade right inside the platform.

      1. Hey Steve, I was trying to find more information on Buyer Matches. I saw the button for it (I’m still a Free Member), however, it doesn’t go into what that is. What information does Buyer Match actually give you?

        1. Post

          Buyer matches will show you all the homes that meet that criteria that are NOT on the market. We also overlay contact info for the homes we can find it for. Think of it as an off MLS property search. Currently, Matches is a Pro Features.

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