3 Strategies that will immediately increase your marketing response

On a Kingston Lane University call this week, it was all about expired listings. How we can cut through the noise. What is getting results. How to position marketing for a call back.

Before I get started, let me remind you of two things a mentor of ours (Jay Abraham) says,

  1. All marketing should be direct response
  2. With all great direct response marketing, you get free branding.

So knowing that, what is the main purpose of almost any form of real estate marketing? To cause the consumer to take an action. The action is NOT a deal. There are too many steps that need to happen before the transaction stage. Great marketing in most cases should cause one of a few things; a call back, an email reply, or a registration. So here are a few things you should be reviewing with all of your personal marketing.

Homework assignment #1:

Does this marketing piece effectively entice someone to do take one of the following actions?

  • Generate a phone call
  • Generate an email reply
  • Generate a web visit

Homework assignment #2:

Am I making it simple for my clients to take an action?

Are you giving them a phone number, a text option, a web address etc… All on one piece? Keep it simple. Give them one EASY option. Homework assignment #2 bonus, is that mechanism tracked? If they call, do you know the source? If they click the web, is it a tracked link? If you are not tracking traffic, how do you know it is the marketing piece that isn’t working? What if it was the website that was not converting?

Homework assignment #3

Sharran brought up an amazing point on the call. The river. Let me explain what that means. Do you have an annual seller marketing campaign running irregardless of type/source? I see too many times agents talk to the client based on where they have been, not where they are going.

Example: I noticed your home failed to sell, we have succeeded where others have failed, I specialize in homes that didn’t sell…

It causes the consumer to focus on the past. It doesn’t empower them. A mentor of mine in the past, asked me a simple question in regards to expired listings; “Would you send the same marketing campaign to your close friend who was considering selling?” The answer was clearly no. That changed everything for me.

So here how Sharran defines The River.

The first type of marketing should be a blitz of 10-60 days of high cadence marketing. After that that potential client should simply be dropped into “The River” which is the seller marketing campaign that just runs ALL THE TIME.

Remember, talk to clients based on where they are going, not where they have been.

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