7 Things you can do right now to activate your online leads

Online leads can be a grind to work through. They can also lead to massive business growth if handled right. There is no one size fits all strategy, so let’s spend a few minutes and cover 7 ways to activate your online leads.

Run a giveaway

Send a video with an interesting stat about a restaurant. Ask them a question with a request to respond. Their reply will count as a drawing entry. At the end of the week conduct a drawing on video and send the winner a $50 gift card to that restaurant. As a bonus, send everyone else who entered a coupon approved by the restaurant owner.

Send the 9 word email

One simple email. In the subject line, write: Are you still looking for a home in Las Vegas?

Nothing in the body but your email signature.

Offer a short-term promotion for the month

For everyone that views homes with us this month, we are offering a free home warranty, termite inspection, home inspection or appraisal.
(make sure you follow local legal guidelines)

Feel free to change this promotion every month to get potential clients off the fence.

Send each client a personal video email

Don’t sweat as much what is in the video, just make sure it is addressed to them and is not a blast. Use a platform such as Vidyard or Bomb Bomb to send the video out. Try different tactics to get them to click the video. Some agents have written the client name on a whiteboard in the video still to grab their attention. Get creative.

Invite all of them to your next open house

What? Invite them all? Yes. Only a few will show. The ones who don’t have interest in the area, won’t reply or show. It is the touch that matters. Bonus points for doing this in front of the home via video.

Create a video with the biggest pain points and how to avoid them when buying a home

What are the biggest issues in your market when buying a home?

Home Inventory?

Outline what the client needs to be prepared for and how your process will comfortably guide them through it.

Send them this high-converting text message

Hi, is this “FirstName?”

That’s it. Nothing else. You’ll get 1 of a few replies

Who is this?
Yes, why?
No, Wrong number

You’re just looking to start a conversation here. Once they reply, send a reply like this:

Great, you inquired on “ADDRESS” and I just wanted to see if you had time to view it this week.

Remember the online landscape is not going away. The tactics to break through the clutter are though so keep pushing, get more creative and continue to dominate 2018.

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