Podcast #7: Following Up While Staying Mindful with Steve Olson

Steve Olson, Kingston Lane president, walks us through his mindful follow up solution. His leading edge process involves text message, video and more time back in your day. 

Investing is imperative on the front end of your funnel, but are you being a little too aggressive with your follow ups? 

Olson’s process will allow you to be respectful, professional and create long-term relationships and referrals. 

Here’s the thing: responding to your leads with 3-4 calls WILL increase your call numbers and simultaneously produce a less than positive outcome for you. Of course, after 3-4 calls, your phone call will be answered – but is that the type of state you want your clients in?

As Olson says, “People work with people they like and trust in Real Estate.”  

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