Podcast #6: Geo Farming Secrets Mastermind

Kingston Lane CEO, Sharran Srivatsaa shares his secrets from a Special Private Mastermind in New Orleans, LA. Listen to his genius combined with expert interviewees, Eileen Rivera and Steve Olson, Kingston Lane President.

This episode if for you if you are searching for how to build a Geo Farm around your life and cut through the noise so your ideal consumers can hear you. These three expert masterminds discuss can’t miss topics such as their 2 Rules for Pricing, how to create 1-minute videos for your celebrity brand and more.

In this exclusive mastermind, you’ll also learn:

1. How to Build a Farm around Your Life

2. How your Farm is a Symbol of your focus + Money Tree

3. The 2 Rules of Pricing

4. Why Consumers are NOT Dumb and How you can cut through the Noise

5. The 1- Minute Videos to Build a Celebrity Brand

6. What comes before the Objection Handler

7. The Respect, De-Escalate and Re-Frame Process

8. Closing Gifts – Do’s and Don’ts

9. Advisor v. iBuyer – The Pitch

10. The 2 Things you will NEED to have to sell your Business

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