Podcast #56: The Perfect 90-Day Goal

In this episode, Kingston Lane CEO, Sharran Srivatsaa shares the simple process he uses to create 90-day goals. Srivatsaa believes 90-day timeframes are the most effective because you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the shortened time frame allows for a singularity of focus. This episode is for you if you’re ready to improve your life over the next 3 months, not wait for January to make a difference.


Sharran’s process is relatively simple:

  • Write out all of the things you want to accomplish in 90 days.
  • Pick the ONE thing that would really change your life.
  • Organize your life around this ONE goal and hire support for your singularity of focus.

We’re excited to see what your ONE goal is. Tag us on social once you’ve narrowed down your singularity of focus!


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