Podcast #11: Your Big WHY is Incomplete with Sharran Srivatsaa

In this podcast, Kingston Lane CEO, Sharran Srivatsaa talks about how using your “why” to anchor you isn’t enough. He explains how going further to deconstruct your dreams will allow you to discover your “what” and your “how” so you can actually achieve and measure your results. In less than ten minutes, Sharran will teach you how to:

  1. Define your “WHY”.
  2. Make sure your “WHY” is achievable and measurable. 
  3. Ask “WHAT” would allow you to achieve your “WHY”?     
  4. Create a roadmap to determine “HOW”.

Ready to change your “WHY” into something actionable? Click play now.


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1 thought on “Podcast #11: Your Big WHY is Incomplete with Sharran Srivatsaa”

  1. Another break-through shift! I loved the clarity you delivered Sharran, connecting with your BIG Why!
    What are the conditions you need to support your Big Why?
    “The what and the how is co-created with a badass mentor ” as only Sharrran Srivastssa knows how to break down the barriers in a simple context to level up.

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