Podcast #10: The Front Side of the Funnel with Steve Olson

In this exclusive episode, Kingston Lane president, Steve Olson, shares one the BIGGEST losses of his career (114 listings!) and what he learned from this event. 

From his experience, Olson describes how he would think about real estate differently if he was actively selling today.

Unlike the traditional approach of focusing on whether leads are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, Steve talks about how he would focus his effort excessively on being top of mind. 

The answer isn’t ‘reframing’ your marketing – it’s doing MORE of it. In this can’t miss podcast, you’ll learn how to be top of mind by thinking outside of the box, why focusing on the front-side of the funnel.

Olson says, “If you aren’t spending 80% of your time on the front-end of the funnel, you ARE disputable.” 

Learn how to protect your business and secure your future in under 10 minutes by hitting play right now.


In Podcast 10, Steve covers:

  1. The details of the BIGGEST loss of his career (114 listings!)
  2. How he would view “good and bad” leads differently if he was actively selling real estate today
  3. Why the front end of your funnel is where you should be spending 80% of your time
  4. Why you don’t need to edit your marketing strategy, you just need to do more of it so your always top of mind whenever anyone buys or sells a home
  5. The question you should ask yourself at the end of every single day to protect your business


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