Podcast #4: Don’t fake It, Document It with Steve Olson

Documenting a day in the life will carry you much farther than the results. 

The awards, the metrics, the rankings… They all have their place. Asking consumers why and how they choose REALTORS, I bet you will find those don’t rank near the top. If you are going into a new market, increasing your average sales price, or selling a new type of real estate, focus on the process, not your experience. When you talk about process, the experience aspect of your business is naturally assumed. 

Think about some influencers you follow. Some of them only focus on the results they get. The great ones though, show you the day in the life of their journey. So I would ask you, which of their videos do you tend to watch more of? Chances are, the day in the life. 

Real estate is the same way. Document the process, not the result. Doing this will allow you to not focus on who you want to be perceived as (fake it till you make it).



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