Launch Cheat Sheet in 10 Bullet Points

We recently launched a very cool membership site featuring a whole slew of new offerings focused around growth, scale, and execution. Here is the cheat sheet:

  1. Two Logins (for now): Yes, we launched a new (awesome) private membership site. But you also have full access the existing Kingston Lane platform (nicknamed Power Tools). Once you login to both for the first time, you should be all set and pre-logged in for the future.
  2. Login to the existing site: Click here to login to existing Kingston Lane account. No more new users on this site as it’s in R&D.
  3. Login to the new membership site: Click here to login to the new membership site which is awesome. Or sign up for free and get your cool bonuses.
  4. What happened to all my data and leads? I sold it on the black market for lots of bitcoin. Ahh come on… it’s intact. Just go to your existing (Power Tools) account, nothing has changed.
  5. I got a big red security error, what do I do? That’s just me hacking you. Bam. Bam. Totally kidding. Just use our secure links and you wont have any issues. Click here.
  6. Refresh Cache: With all the updates you may need to refresh your local browser to have all the good stuff show up and avoid any bizarre NSA security screens. It takes 2 seconds. Here is a cheat sheet some cool person wrote.
  7. Existing Pro User: If you are an existing Pro user, nothing has changed. All your stuff is intact. Just login to the Power Tools site and crush it.
  8. What is changing? The existing Power Tools site is going to see a lot of R&D and updates. We are also actively working with our Facebook partners based on the new Facebook changes and how it may impact Push Button ads. We will keep you posted but you still have access to everything.
  9. There is a lot of new stuff: Yes, it’s so cool. If you have a minute, take a peek at the new Kingston Lane website. And look at the 3 membership offerings.
  10. Need help? Just email and our friendly concierge team will take care of you. Just be nice please… they are people too and love to help you 🙂

Ooh – make sure you get your new bonuses... they are awesome!
1. Login to the NEW Membership site
2. Click on “My Purchases” on the left menu
3. Check out the bonuses!

If you don’t have an account to the new membership site… activate it here and get your bonuses!

Thank you for your support… we appreciate you.
PS: If I could just tell you my favorite thing of all… please check out the new Kingston Lane Mastermind offering… its so bada$$.

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