Get Seller Leads with 3 clicks using Kingston Lane

Maybe you are focusing on a geographic farm area, and you want to build a local market brand and generate seller inquiries.

Or maybe you are dabbling and want to get into picking a geographic farm but you don’t want to spend fortune on 18–24 months of traditional marketing without having any sense of traction or guarantee of results.

Maybe you just want to re-distribute your current marketing spend and go digital but you are overwhelmed with the Facebook ads manager, the audience selection, the copy and creative focused on conversion, or why your ads keep getting rejected.

Heck, maybe you just want to generate some leads and kick start your prospecting. Thats cool too!

This is exactly why we built Push Button Digital Farming.

How amazing would it be if you can order your digital marketing campaign in 3 clicks and less than 30 seconds and have all the complex parts of the process done for you?

Let’s bring it to life:

  1. Pick an ad budget.
  2. Pick a geo-targeting strategy (zip code or address-based)
  3. Order

In fact, you can’t really do anything else on the ordering interface. It’s built to keep it that simple, so that you can order your campaigns and spend your time doing what you do best which is prospecting, selling, negotiating and delighting your clients.

See for yourself:


3 clicks to order!

We often get this reaction from our first-timers, “Wait, what? That happened so fast. What happens now? It can’t be that easy.”

Well, it is that easy because that is the entire philosophy of our platform… we call it push-button execution. Please note that this is not push-button facebook ad builder where you have to do more work and the system creates sample ads for you, or push-button facebook script creator where you now have to build the campaigns yourself… this is true push-button execution. Once you try it and you see it start to work for you… you start to believe in push-button and then you are hooked for life 🙂

Here is a video that explains exactly how this process works and how we completely remove the complexity from the process for you:

We also a built a simple chart to show you the parts of the process (1) What YOU do (2) What WE do when you order the campaign and (3) The Results.

When we were testing this process with our pilot group of really savvy agents (yes we test our stuff, come on!) we had the agents run the campaigns themselves and then run it on Kingston Lane. We found that, on average, we saved the agent about $417 per campaign and about 5 hours of time (not to mention the boring work, stress, and frustration).

You can get a FREE Kingston Lane Account here and get our 5 fast action bonuses. No contract. No credit card. No commitment.

OK, I may have you convinced on the ease, but I haven’t told you about the results yet. Instead of being “that guy” and flooding the page with two dozen testimonials, I will share two very simple and specific ones that you will appreciate:


This is a really good example a comment in our private facebook group from one of our members (last name redacted for privacy). What makes it even more “real” is that in addition to leads in her market, sometimes (8–12%) of the time we generate out of area leads since we are dependent on the Facebook algorithm. Where some agents may complain that they got an inquiry from Ohio, Corinne reframed it and got a referral out of this.

Here is a text message that I received from one of our members on her geographic farming plan:


A good system also shows you how the rest of the systems are structured in your business. This is a good example of a message from one of our members where she got too many leads (if there is such a thing) but what it made her realize is that she needed the infrastructure like an email marketing system to manage the lead flow. Great insight!

Now what if I told you that you could get a FREE Kingston Lane account and take this for a spin right now? Also, we are giving away 5 free bonuses just to bribe you to get a FREE account:

  1. PDF: The Kingston Lane Buyer Consultation Process
  2. PDF: The Kingston Lane Seller / Listing Process
  3. Private Podcast: The Listing Pre-Launch Blueprint — How to create competition before your listing hits the market
  4. Private Video: Social Media Ads — The math behind the success
  5. PDF: Exclusive Report on the 4 things you should never say to an online lead

Yes, these are fast action bonuses that you get instantly when you sign up for a FREE Kingston Lane account.

No contracts. No credit cards. No commitment.

  1. Get a FREE Kingston Lane Account
  2. Join our Facebook Mastermind Group

We have so much more push-button execution where that came from!

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  1. Hi, I am currently in the middle of a campaign for seller leads. When given only an address to with, I am writing letters to the homeowners. Do you have any other advice or guidance on how to follow up with leads that I cannot call or email?

    1. We have always mailed and door knocked. The aren’t the easiest leads to get a hold of however there is always a reason they are inquiring.

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