Brokerage Hub

The Ultimate Sales Performance Engine for Real Estate Brokerages

Your Brokerage Portal. Our Infrastructure.

The Hub is your private cloud-based portal, customized for your operational needs, leveraging our back-end infrastructure, tools, and research.

Menu of Tools

Pick from our proven feature set for your brokerage

Brokerage Operations

Customized to your internal workflows

Private Cloud

All data is proprietary to your Hub

Custom Features

Design and build your own custom features

Core Philosophy

Our core philosophy is grounded in creating features and tools that drive efficiency for agents and brokers with “push-button” execution in mind. We think about the fewest possible clicks between an intention and a result.

For that to happen, we operate with a central overarching technology infrastructure model that supports everything that we do. This allows us to rapidly test and optimize ideas so that we can build tools, features, and processes that our clients can leverage across the board.

Two Products: Enterprise & Individual

We leverage our core philosophy and our technology infrastructure and provide two products to the real estate marketplace.


The Hub: This is a platform designed for brokerages (and some large teams) specifically to help drive agent productivity, allow for operational effectiveness, governed by a private data cloud, and overlaid with custom features as requested by brokerages.

Kingston Lane: This is a single agent product designed to give the individual agent anywhere in the world, a simple execution platform. This is the sandbox for all our features and field research.

Brokerage Specific Tools

The Hub is designed with the real estate brokerage in mind. In addition to the agent tools, there are very specific tools such as the internal message board functions and firmwide knowledge base that drive culture and collaboration within a brokerage.

Private App. Private Cloud.

The Hub’s private cloud technology runs each brokerage on its on “app” which allows us to manage the needs of each brokerage’s branding, dashboard, and controls. Additionally, the most powerful feature for any Hub is its proprietary data which can be leveraged as part of the brokerage’s value proposition not just related to the brokerage’s own inventory but also its non-public inventory such as buyer needs, pocket listings, and pre-market / coming soon properties. Additionally, this also gives brokerages insights into sales performance of offices and regions which is practically impossible to gather without the Hub.

Firm Operations

The Hub’s administrator settings allows brokerages to control key aspects of daily operations that are crucial to day to day operations such as onboarding and offboarding users efficiently, managing offices and regions, controlling branding on agent and property websites, determining direct-feed XML based sync services to Zillow and other syndicators, determining user roles for staff, agents, assistants and administrators etc.

Custom Built Features

Most brokerages have a very specific value proposition and we work with the management teams to integrate the value proposition as tightly as possible into the Hub. This allows for the broker to communicate the value and the agent to leverage the tools. We take on custom projects to build necessary features on top of our pre-existing baseline of out-of-the box features to give the brokerage another layer of differentiation without having to have multiple apps for each feature.

Gateway to Suite of Services

Our brokerage clients that deploy the Hub generally have a robust suite of services including processes, systems, workflows, tools, training and other technologies. We envision the Hub to be the gateway to all of these unique advantages to a brokerage which can easily be managed without a lot of overhead, while still keeping operations and value proposition at the center which helps in overall recruiting of agents to the brokerage and for the existing agents to leverage the entire suite of services.

Exclusivity and Discovery

Certain geographical areas of the United States are already under exclusivity agreements for The Brokerage Hub product. If you would like to learn more about whether the Hub is available for your market and whether it is the right solution for your brokerage, please contact our team and we can set up a no obligation discovery session to help you.