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The Only “Done For You” System
That You Need To Supercharge Your Real Estate Business

  • Lead Generation Engine
  • Done-For-You CRM & Automations
  • Lifetime Nurture for Leads & Clients
  • Built to drive Leads to Appointments

Would you like a professional team to run all your ads?

Your in-house digital media agency

Our digital media agency is now yours... as part of the membership our professional ad team designs, creates, deploys and manages all your ad campaigns while automatically connecting all leads and registrations with our world-class CRM for lifetime nurture

Ad Engine kingston Lane

Would you like something better than boring IDX?

IDX + WordPress + Lead Gen Landing Pages

The Machine comes built-in with full IDX functionality combined with a powerful WordPress custom site, lead conversion landing pages, along with blogging and content curation from our team. Our Concierge even connects all the landing pages into our CRM for lifetime nurture

Kingston Lane landing pages

Built for Teams

The Machine was built with teams and brokerages in mind. This includes team controls and list management, campaigns personalized for each team member, lead assignment algorithm and round-robin formulas, and personal lead and deal pipelines. 

  • Team Controls
  • Round Robin Decision Trees
  • Team Accounts (20 Seats)
  • Real-Time Reporting 
  • Personalization For Each Agent

World Class CRM + Done For You

We didn’t just want a good CRM… we wanted a GREAT machine. So, instead of trying to build a CRM like everyone else, we partnered with one of the best CRM’s in the world (ActiveCampaign) and built all the “Done For You” components into the CRM such as contact management, lifetime nurture, reporting, deal pipelines… all done for you, all out of the box right at the time of installation. 

Text Message Infrastructure Fully Integrated Into CRM

In addition to email marketing and email automation, we integrated another partner into the text message service and connected it into the machine. Because our focus is to build a great machine while powering the brains of the machine. All text messaging campaigns are built-in and integrated into lifetime lead follow up and client nurture out of the box at no additional cost… all included in the membership experience. 

Lead nurture

Lifetime Nurture for Leads

The consumer has been crushed by forceful, old-fashion lead generation tactics because the majority of our industry has not realized that consumers don’t appreciate being badgered anymore. One of the central components of the Machine is lifetime nurture for leads because this allows a consistent cadence of value added communication across channels that warms clients up, and as a result, makes future interactions more joyful and stress-free. Imagine your leads being nurtured for life… and you only talk to them when they are ready and you literally have to do nothing and let the machine handle the cadence of communication. 

Lifetime Touches for Clients and Sphere

If our leads are getting lifetime nurture, our clients and personal network should also be put onto lifetime nurture. However, most systems talk to clients and leads the same way… which we know is a mistake. We have built a portfolio of lifetime touches for clients and database contacts ranging from personalized seasonal touches, to lifestyle drips, and also tactical real estate content. All “done for you”.

lifetime lead nurturing
full concierge service

Your Own Concierge Team

This is probably one of the most important components of the Machine… it is the people. Our concierge team serve as stewards of your machine… and help with all the “last mile” activities such as Open House Data Entry, Zapier based lead connections, domain routing and forwarding… everything that gets an agent “stuck” but is important for the machine, our concierge is ready to help with systems and support to get agents unstuck. This is all part of the membership experience. 

Personalized Real-Time Reporting of Ads and CRM

real time reporting

You cannot have a Machine without Reporting! We have built a dynamic reporting engine to provide reporting for digital media campaign stats (impressions, clicks, cost per lead, and conversions) along with granular reporting on how the CRM (friendly nicknamed: The Beast) is performing with contacts touched, emails sent, text messages received, tags fired, appointments set etc. We are committed to transparency in the results of building the best Machine possible for you!

Pipeline View of Leads and Deals

Instead of thinking about “Lead Follow Up”… we think about Pipeline Management. Meaning, we let the Machine work on lifetime nurture for clients and prospects, and when there are replies (engagement) or appointments scheduled, the Machine automatically updates your personal Lead and Deal Pipelines. That way, all you spend your time doing is working your pipeline (which are people that want to talk to you) and let the Machine warm up the rest of them!

Private Membership Site with the Best Ideas

The experience is powered by our private members area on Kingston Lane which houses The Ad Engine, Reporting Engine, Referral Maps, Webinar Replays, Blueprints, Tactics and Strategies. This alone is worth the price of admission! 

The Ultimate Business Growth Machine
Kingston Lane Revenue Mastery

World Class CRM+

Built in partnership with ActiveCampaign, one of the best CRMs in the world, with proprietary workflow and automation intelligence

Dynamic Drip

Clients and COI need lifetime nurture too! Get ready for on-going lifestyle marketing, VIP list service and personalized seasonal drip

Round Robin Control

Instead of giving agents unqualified opportunities we give you the control to nurture leads, manage round robins and assign converted leads

Deal Pipeline

Instead of sending converted leads into a random email box, we drop them into the right deal pipelines so you can automagically nurture your pipeline

Email + Text Message

Combining email marketing with text/sms campaign automations also fully-integrated into lead conversion workflows

IDX Integration

We build you a new tactical approach to IDX and integrate it with our ads and lifetime nurture to ensure that all systems work together

Concierge Support

No more trying to figure out zapier, or how to connect your IDX registration, or which video ad to run... we do it all for you. Just talk to us!

Reporting Dashboard

We have integrated reporting on the two key functions: (1) Ad Engine to know how your ads are performing and (2) CRM Database Reporting

Open House Concierge

Our concierge team even takes your open house registries, scrubs them, uploads to your database and even sets up the nurture sequences

Digital Ad Agency

In-house full service digital media agency to develop and deploy digital campaigns including ads across social platforms and re-marketing

Lifetime Lead Nurture

No more lead nurture with incessant property alert emails. We have built lifetime lead nurture based on market conditions and automation control

Built For Teams

We designed the entire systems for teams and small brokerages, including account list privacy, multiple users per account and personalization

Plus, You'll Get All These Extras To Reduce Your Stress

In addition to the various features of the Machine, there are other great parts of the Kingston Lane membership that are automatically included into your Machine-Revenue Mastery membership. Here are some of the highlights that others purchase separately that are automatically included for Machine members.

Step by Step Video Tutorials

Quick video tutorials ranging from the best growth strategies to ninja lead generation tactics

Private Members Area

Full access to the private members area along with bonus access to Mastermind and Profit Activators

Your Concierge Team

Your own Concierge team that is friendly and collaborative to support your “Done For You” experience

Updates Installed For You

All updates are automatically installed for you such as new CRM automations, new agency ad types etc. 

Trusted by 9,000+ agents and companies around the world

Thousands of agents and brokers from around the world are growing their business with Kingston Lane


No Contracts. MONTH TO MONTH.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

No Contracts. No Commitments. Month to Month Membership.

To make this a no-brainer for you, our team talked about how we could remove all risk and still focus on your ultimate satisfaction… and that was to ensure there were no contracts, no commitments, and we enter into a good-faith month-to-month agreement. 

This is our commitment to the transparency, focus, and commitment that you deserve in working with a partner that is going to build something so complex as the Machine for you. 

Both Steve and Sharran have tapped into the gulfstream of real estate. Their finger is on the pulse and they are brilliant.

Lori Hobin

Remax Ocean Properties,
The Hobin Realty Group

Concrete revenue-generating systems built by two brilliant guys building the revenue-generating infrastructure of my business.

Wayne Olson

Olson Group Real Estate, LLC

The industry is changing and I’m so excited to be able to change with it through the help of…Sharran, Steve and Evan. 

Karen Foster

eXp Realty, Foster-Vosburgh Realty Group

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